Get Involved/Volunteer

Volunteer Opportunities for Teens and Adults:

  1. Piano Movers: We’ve worked out how to move smaller pianos, but we could use some strong folks to help us. Sometimes only three people are needed, but it’s helpful to have extra sets of hands!
  2. Tuners and Technicians: We want to keep our pianos in great shape! Please contact us if you’re available for hire to help keep our pianos playable. As a bonus, we’ll feature you on our site and on social media, including links to your site. You’ll also be mentioned in our press releases.
  3. Artists: We can’t do it without you! We’re seeking volunteer artists or artistic groups to paint our pianos and make them as beautiful to see as they are to hear. You’ll be credited on our site, on social media, on a plaque on the piano itself, and in press releases. Please see our FAQ page for more details! 
  4. Social Media Assistants: Post about Please Play Me Pianos. Recommended hashtags: #PPMP #PleasePlayMeGVL #PublicPianosGVL  #PaintedPianosGVL #GreenvillePianos #SCpianos
  5. Fundraisers: We’re a small nonprofit. If you’re a gifted and creative fundraiser, we could use your energy and ideas!
  6. Pianists: Whether you’re an amateur or professional, we’d love for you to share your talents at our fundraising events. Please contact us and let us know you’re a player.
  7. Piano Caretakers: You’ll visit your adopted piano weekly to perform basic tasks:
    • Wipe the piano cabinet, keys, and bench with a microfiber cloth.
    • Tap each key several times. The more they’re tapped, the less stiff they get, and the better the piano will sound.
    • Report issues that need attention.
    • Position the bench so that “Please Play Me” can be read by passersby.
    • Close the fallboard to cover the keys, especially if bad weather is coming. Pianos may have tarps attached for additional protection.
    • Please let us know after you’ve checked the piano so we’ll know it’s done.


To Volunteer, please go to the CONTACT US option up top and tell us your area of interest!

volunteer painted piano
three at piano