Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can play the pianos!

Play away, but if others are awaiting a turn, please limit your playing to a few tunes😎.

We are supported 100% through public donations. Please visit our SUPPORT tab if you want to see the program thrive! Even $5 can help us buy paint or a microfiber cloth to wipe down the pianos!🎹😎

Locations can be indoors or outdoors. They should be accessible to the public during the day and, if outdoors, sheltered in some way (overhang or gazebo) from wet weather. We prefer locations that receive lots of foot traffic.

Absolutely! We would love it! CONTACT US for the piano template, then send in your idea/s. Please just check out the “design requirements” question first.

Contact us for a piano template. Then sketch out your design and send back to us. Alternatively, you can send us pictures of your artwork that is in the same style you would paint the piano. You can submit multiple ideas if you want. Be sure to check out the next question on “design requirements” before submitting. Our email is or use the CONTACT tab. We’ll be in touch if a new piano becomes available that would be perfect for your style! Thanks!

  • Designs should be upbeat, joyful, and family-friendly.
  • Designs must be painted rather than be craft projects.
  • The words “Please Play Me” should be painted on the exterior-facing side of the bench.
  • Any words aside from “Please Play Me” must be preapproved.
  • Because we’re a 501(c)(3) organization, we must avoid any paint designs that are political.

There are four sizes of upright pianos. Most will likely be 42–45” tall, but artists should be prepared to alter their concepts to suit their piano’s height.

It’s easiest if artists have a location where they can paint (with minimal stairs). If not, the host may have a spot or we may be able to find you a work-friendly space.

  • Sand the piano and bench just enough for the primer to adhere, being careful to keep dust out of the piano interior. When we can, we sand the piano for you in advance.
  • Prime the piano and bench. Even if the paint has primer mixed in, apply a separate coat of primer first.
  • Do your stuff 😊, being careful not to paint hinges shut or to get any paint in the interior of the piano.
  • Include the phrase “Please Play Me” on the exterior-facing side of the bench.
  • Apply two thin coats of a clear protective layer to the piano and the bench. (Home Depot Varathane has been recommended.)
  • The artist provides the materials needed for the work, though PPMP will reimburse costs up to $125 with receipts.

If you want, you can paint the vertical posts and the top horizontal post in the back. But please don’t paint the soundboard (behind vertical posts); it will affect the piano’s sound. Keep in mind that the back of your piano may be against a wall, depending on its host location. 

You choose, but we request that you paint in a method that will dry in a matter of days rather than months.
  • The artist’s name will appear on an engraved plate on the piano.
  • The artist will be acknowledged in the press release.
  • The artist can cut the ribbon at the unveiling event!
  • The artist will be credited on our website with links to their site, as well as in our social media posts.
  • Artists are welcome to include photos of the piano in their portfolio.

Donations may allow us to cover the cost of the artist’s materials, but being a Please Play Me Pianos artist is currently a volunteer activity. 

Thank you so much! Click Contact Us and send us a message—or send your sketches and contact info to We’ll be back in touch as soon as we can!

Thank you for your interest! Click Contact Us and send us a message about your location. We’ll be back in touch as soon as we can!

Thank you! Please visit the DONATE A PIANO tab and fill out the Donation form. We’ll be back in touch as soon as we can!