About Us

Please Play Me Pianos aims to spread the joy of music! We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to placing publicly accessible painted pianos around Greenville, South Carolina. We use donated pianos that still have music left to offer. Pianos may be placed indoors or in a sheltered outdoor location.

fishing piano

Our Story

Our coordinator, Anne, has played classical piano all her life and added boogie-woogie to the mix a few years ago. She believes—and hopes that you do too—that the world is a better place if everyone has access to a piano or can hear a bit of boogie-woogie😎, Bach, or Beethoven every day!

In early 2024, inspired by the amazing Play Me Again Pianos in Atlanta, she launched Please Play Me Pianos so that others could experience the surprise, wonder, and joy of encountering a public piano. And imagine if that piano has been thoughtfully painted by a local artist—WOW!

So please, if you see a Please Play Me Piano, tickle the ivories or enjoy a tune. Perhaps you’ll break into a dance, share a smile with a stranger, or discover a new talent. Pianos benefit from being played often, and if they could talk, they’d surely say, “Please play me!”

anne mclaughlin
Anne playing "Elmer the piano" on the porch of the Chastain Arts Center in Atlanta, GA. Elmer was painted by Misty Lackey and the students of The Joseph Sams School, and he was placed by Play Me Again Pianos, an organization that is a huge inspiration for Please Play Me Pianos.

Gratitude & Acknowledgment

Special thanks to the following folks who have helped jump-start Please Play Me Pianos with their time, effort, or generous discounts:

Chad Bernhardt
Upstate SC Web Design LLC

Andrea Fricks-Dorman of
Greenville Beer Exchange

Lilliana Cameron, Artist

Don Bulla, Piano Tuner

Ryan and Amanda Calloway
Creative Ironworks

Traysie Amick
South Carolina Children’s Theater